Universal Stoning Fixture

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When precision matters.

A tool for tooling.

The MHA Custom, LLC Universal Stoning Fixture is designed to securely hold a hammer, sear or other trigger component so that the engagement surface can be trued and polished precisely parallel to the pin bore of the component.

The great deal of adjustment built into the fixture allows it to accommodate a wide range of trigger group components for a variety of firearms from semi-auto rifles and pistols to revolvers.

The weight of the fixture and large bearing surfaces of the adjustment ramp provide an extremely stable platform for precision stoning.

MHA = USA Made

The fixture itself is made in the U.S.A. primarily from steel and weighs approximately 9-1/2 lbs. The steel has a blued finish to protect from corrosion.

Each fixture comes with a complete set of gage pins ranging in size from 1/16" through 1/4" which will fit most any component you may want to true up.

How else can you use it?

While the fixture is designed specifically for holding trigger group components, it may well prove useful for holding other components which may require precise finishing.

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